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Thank you for voting us Best of Texoma! in the Herald Democrat ‘Best of Texoma’ for Best Day Spa every year since 2007 and Best Massage for four consecutive years  2008-2011! Bella Fontana Spa opened its doors in September of 2005 and has been recognized each year after the first full year of operation in 2006 by the Voters in the Herald Democrat’s Best of Texoma Award as the Best Day Spa every year since 2007, and for Best Massage for four consecutive years 2008-2011.  The Best of Texoma Award requires a signed ballot with an address and phone number, and the voters must vote in at least five categories for their vote to be tallied. Over 3,000 individual ballots are cast each year.  We appreciate and feel honored by this recognition from our community.

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One of our most popular purchases are our instant gift certificates.  Approximately 15-20% of our Gift Certificates have been purchased from out of state and as far away as Iraq and Afganistan by soldiers that want to treat someone special to a Spa-aaah! experience. The first time this happened, it was over the phone and it took several hours of conversation and disconnections to make it happen.  I determined to find a way to make it easy to purchase a gift certificate online, in the Spa or over the phone for anyone! Now, gift certificates can be purchased online, or you can call the Spa at 903.893.6222, or come in and we can even mail it directly to the recipient.  Always well received, a gift certificate from Bella Fontana Spa is appreciated by everyone.

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To find out pricing click here or click on the Book Online function and browse our services list by category and service description. Call 903.893.6222 to inquire about services that are not available for online booking, to redeem promotional offers or if you have questions about our services.

Read our Blog if you want to know more about our services use the menu or the list to the right to find out more about Massage Therapy, Facials for Acne, Anti-Aging or other Facial Skin Care, Medical Spa Treatments such as Electrolysis (Permanent Hair Removal), Permanent Make Up, Peels and Microdermabrasion, or our Bella Diva Salon for hair cut, color and style and other hair care services, Technically Nails for manicures and pedicures of all types, Body Wraps and Body Treatments and so on.

Enjoy world class medical and day spa treatments within an environment comparable to those found only at destination spa resorts and major hotels. Our difference? We strive to provide the level of personal care and concern you can only find in your ‘home town’. Exquisitely comfortable, private and personal, Bella Fontana Spa creates a sense of welcome, respite and peace and it is all just for you! Right on the border of Texas and Oklahoma, and within fifteen minutes of Lake Texoma, this might just be the right weekend destination or hometown for you.

Bella Fontana Spa offers both employee and client a wellness focused environment. At Bella Fontana Spa you have the opportunity to try different team members and create a new experience each time you visit. Each employee adapts our protocols and adds their talents to meet your specific needs. Our team works together to ensure you receive our undivided attention and courteous service. We make every effort to be consistent in delivering our services by training our employees with world class products including Aloxxi International Color, Brazilian Blowout, NuFree Finipil, Babor, Dermal K, Surface, Soothing Touch, Dermaculture,  and more. We select products that are filled with botanicals and easy on the environment. Many are vegan and paraben-free.

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Bella SpaDiva Salon - Hair Salon

Bella SpaDiva Salon

Bella SpaDiva Salon

Our employees are expert salon designers, color specialists, stylists, estheticians and nail technicians that have your needs in mind when we select the products for your hair, nails and skin.  Need help in selecting just the right product for your hair?  We can help you find the right products with a free consultation with one of our stylists or concierge staff especially trained. Our world class Salon product lines include Surface, Macadamia Natural Oil and Alloxi Color.  Review some of our products below, and on our Blog.

Massage Therapy

The massage therapy and body work techniques used in your session by our State of Texas licensed Massage Therapist employees are for the purpose of stress reduction, relief from muscular tension or spasm, expressing lymph fluid from the soft tissue, increasing circulation to soft tissue, pain management, improving the texture and tone of the skin and relaxation.  In the massage we may use kneading and stroking motions, massage tools, stones, vibratory or other machines, percussive or stretching techniques applied to the musculoskeletal system, skin and soft tissues of the body to effect relief and produce these results. Draping is required at Bella Fontana Spa, and only the part of the body being worked in a massage will be exposed.  Areas to be treated may include some or all of the following:  scalp, face, neck and/or decollete, arms, legs, upper and lower back in all massage therapy treatments depending on the length of the service and the modality employed.  Areas to be treated in therapeutic, triggerpoint, myofascial, deep tissue, sports and other massage therapy modalities may include, but are not limited to, hip joints, glutes and abdominals as required for effective treatment.  Massage therapy is most effective as a health enhancing preventative treatment, but is also recommended for pain management and stress relief.


Hydrotherapy is one of the oldest forms of medical treatment and involves using water to sooth pain and treat disease.  Balneotherapy, a subset of hydrotherapy, is the use of water and homeopathic and/or primarily botanical remedies to address symptoms.  These remedies include oils, oatmeal, milk, peat extract, herbs, clay and other products to detoxify, soothe or engergize the body through the skin and circulatory systems.  These treatments were found in ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilizations.  Egyptian Royalty bathed with essential oils and flowers, while Romans had communal public steam, dipping and soaking baths for their citizens.  Our hydrotherapy sessions take place in the Aqua Sulis room in a Hydroco Hydrotherm3 (Hydro3) medical grade hydrotherapy jetted tub that also has an integrated vichy shower and steam table.  During your hydrotherapy session the vichy shower may be used to rinse and cool you down after your session based on your needs that day.  Since our Hydro3 is in a single treatment room, your session will be private and assisted by our employees spa technicians.

Body Treatments or Wraps

Our body treatment sessions take place in the Aqua Sulis room in a Hydroco Hydrotherm3 (Hydro3) medical grade hydrotherapy jetted tub that also has an integrated vichy shower and steam table.  Typically body treatments include a body polish or exfoliating treatment wherein the vichy shower is used for pre-wetting and rinsing and either an aromatherapy or ayurvedic treatment is applied to exfoliate the skin followed by another rinse or a steam and rinse depending on the body treatment scheduled.  Other than the body polish just described, our other body treatments include other steps to apply additional product, steam for up to 20 minutes and additional rinse steps.  We have a variety of products throughout the year that may include volcanic or lactic clay, marine algae, hydrating clay and our polishes might include peppermint rosemary, mint and green tea, lavender, citrus, vanilla latte and other salts or sugars with essential oils.  We bring in different varieties at different times of the year so it is a fresh experience each time.

Facials and Skin Care

A facial is a specialized skin care treatment for the face.  Facials are designed to cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate and treat and address skin care concerns such as sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, laxity, uneven tone and/or texture.  We choose to use Dermaculture, Dermal K, and specialized skin care products in many of our facials because we agree that maintaining and improving the health of the skin requires the skin care regimen to prevent future damage, protect healthy skin and correct damaged skin. We recommend the Dermaculture Skin Care line for those guests that require a simple, direct product line that addresses oily, acneic and fragile skin.  Please discuss your skin care concerns with the concierge desk when scheduling your appointment and the esthetician before you begin your service.  Our intake form will help us identify your skin care needs as well so that over time, you will see the results right on your face.

Permanent Hair Removal or Termporary Hair Reduction through Waxing, Depilation and Epilation

We have a variety of hair removal and reduction services.  The most commonly used hair removal method is waxing.  Depilation removes the hair above the skin line, and epilation destroys even the the root and is permanent.  Waxing often removes the bulb at the base of the hair shaft and thus slows the regrowth process.  Epilation by wax can be used on large surface areas and on all parts of the body. Waxing removes all hair in the target area, even short and fine hair and leaves the skin smooth and soft in touch by the second day.  Call us at 903.893.6222 or schedule a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your options.

Non-invasive Permanent Hair Removal using transdermal electrolysis using an epilator device that results in approximately 40% of the hairs treated in one session. The two handed method uses a tweezer from the Transdermal System as the negative electrode grasping the hair shaft which has been coated with a conductive solution. The positive electrode of the Transdermal System is a probe (rounded tip as opposed to a needle) inserted along the shaft of a single hair in the dermal papilla. The average current produced is 470 microamperes resulting in a pH level of 11.2, well above the normal for human skin of 5.0 to 5.5, to convert sodium chloride to sodium hydroxide in quantities to effectively remove and terminate growth of the hair follicle.

Before beginning your treatment, you will have the area you desire to be treated waxed or tweezed to remove all visible hair from that area. Electrolysis is most effective when treating fresh anagen (active) growth. Hairs surfacing in the week following a depilatory application have far greater moisture and mineral content resulting in much higher pH levels. After 2-3 weeks, we will begin treatment.

Advanced  Spa Services

Our services include several advanced spa services including permanent makeup or intradermal cosmetics, anti-aging, acne and skin brightening treatments, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, permanent hair removal with electrolysis,  and other hair removal processes.  You can be assured that we use only the best equipment and skin care treatments and products. We provide all this in the relaxing and professional environment you deserve.

Intradermal Cosmetics or Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup in tickled pink and petticoat pink.

Permanent makeup in tickled pink and petticoat pink.

Intradermal Cosmetics - Permanent Makeup Eyeliner and Mucosal Liner

Intradermal Cosmetics – Permanent Makeup Eyeliner and Mucosal Liner

Permanent makeup has been part of the repertoire at Bella Fontana Spa since the year we opened. We perform intradermal cosmetics under the delegation of our Medical Director and have use medical grade anesthetics in our permanent makeup procedures to help you be more comfortable.  Brows, Eyeliner, Lips and Lip Liner are just the beginning for our growing permanent makeup services. Call 903.893.6222 for a consultation at no charge.

Midnight black eyeliner with white mucosal permanent makeup.

Midnight black eyeliner with white mucosal permanent makeup.








 Spa Packages

Love to Spa?  Try our SpaDiva Club or our Spa Packages that provide you a combination of popular services and in some cases with a discount to tempt you to spend just a little more time enveloped in the Spa environment.  Make a date with yourself that not only results in an improved attitude, but in visibly better skin, hair, nails and an improved sense of well being.  Spa packages are popular choices on our instant gift certificates, but you can also choose to apply the actual purchase value toward another service, package or combination as well.